A sustainable shopping centre

Above all, the people of Vuosaari appreciate communality, caring, and smooth everyday life. That is why Columbus always offers something easy and something unexpected to both familiar and new customers. That also means sustainable actions from both the community and individuals. 

In Columbus, we want to take serious actions for a more responsible future. But what are those actions exactly? Our green and sustainable values are shown in the following achievements and goals. 

Solar plant 

  • There are as many as 420 solar panels in our own little solar plant on the roof of Columbus. As we are a part of the global RE100 motion, using renewable electricity is very important for us. 
  • The overall amount of energy generated by the panels reaches up to 130 MWh every year. With that amount of energy, it would be possible to cover the electricity needs of over 50 apartment houses for one year! The solar energy is utilized in elevators, escalators, and the lighting of the shopping centre, for example. 

Hydroelectricity and wind power 

  • Since we cannot get all the energy we need from our solar plant, we favor Nordic electricity. In Columbus, we are using 100 percent Nordic hydroelectricity and wind power. 


  • We want to be easily accessible along your daily flow. For that, the location of Columbus is perfect – the metro and bus stops are located right next to Columbus, and there are parking spots for bikes, well, in many places here and there. 
  • We also support electric car users. There are multiple electric car charging stations in the car park of Columbus. 


Sustainable services 

Just like the whole community of Columbus, our shops and service providers are also committed to building a better everyday life and future together with one another. Every day, the people of Columbus take steps towards a more sustainable life. 


Recycling and utilization level 

  • Our shops recycle and sort all their waste very carefully. Thanks to this, we have been able to maintain a recycling level of approximately 70 percent in Columbus. 
  • The utilization level in Columbus is 100 percent. This level refers to the ability to use waste that cannot be recycled in different ways. When certain materials cannot be recycled, they can be used for energy production or excavation purposes, for example. 

Collecting condensate heat 

  • Columbus utilizes condensate heat from the refrigeration equipment of different stores. That means we are using excessive energy for heating in the shopping centre, for example. 

Environmental manager 

  • Every month, an environmental manager from Remeon is guiding the stores of Columbus to achieve more efficient recycling and sorting. In addition, we are often considering opportunities and more responsible solutions for waste processing. 

Reusing and secondhand 

  • There are multiple service providers in Columbus that are solely focused on selling recycled and secondhand products. In addition, many other stores also offer options for more sustainable consumption choices for you. 

Restaurants <3 ResQ 

  • Many of our restaurants are fighting against food waste every day together with ResQ Club app. How does it work? It is simple: in the app, restaurants can sell leftover food instead of the food going to trash. In return, customers can buy delicious treats for a lower price. The users of ResQ Club save up to tens of thousands of kilograms worth of food every month! 


Responsible community 

Columbus is a combination of many small – yet very important – pieces. Just like the community of Vuosaari is. No matter the day, the company you are with, or your pace, Columbus is made to fit in every situation you might face. At the same time, it supports your responsible and sustainable everyday life with both small and big actions.  


Local community <3 Columbus  

  • The local shops and service providers are very special for us in developing Columbus, creating events, and strengthening our community. We have created multiple different events and occurrences, such as the Vuosaari 21 project, together with our local supporters and collaborators. 

Hope fundraising 

  • Every year, Columbus is a part of Hope fundraising. Together we gather hundreds of presents for underprivileged children each year.